MEET:Sean Stewart :The Father At 13years Old

few days ago i trashed down on the world's youngest mother, and lo and behold this is to complement that.

Sean Stewart became the youngest father in Britain in 1998 when his girlfriend gave birth to a healthy son.

Sean, 12 then, was allowed to miss school to be at the bedside of his 16-year-old girlfriend, Emma Webster, her parents, Ray and Shirley, and Sean's mother, Theresa. The pair, who are neighbours at Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, were 11 and 15 when Emma became pregnant. Sean and his mother moved next door to the Websters in November 1996 and he became Emma's boyfriend shortly after that. He is a 7th year at Margaret Beaufort School in the nearby village of Riseley. Emma is studying for her GCSEs - including one in child care - at Sharnbrook Upper School.

Last summer, Sean said he would stand by Emma and be there for the baby. "I was shocked at first when I was told Emma was pregnant but I am all right about it now." Emma said she thought Sean had told her he was the same age as she was when they started going out.

MEET:Sean Stewart :The Father At 13years Old MEET:Sean Stewart :The Father At 13years Old Reviewed by Aiyeboy Nig on 09:42:00 Rating: 5


  1. Wow so extraordinary

  2. That boy is a badt sharp guy. At his age...

  3. Hmmm! This is strange but similar incident occurred here in Nigeria every time. But it is very bad.

    1. pikin wey born at 13 for naija na die o

  4. huh!..................speechless


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